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Mission & Vision


Vision and Mission

The Residence System at Rhodes University

Our Vision Statement

The vision of the Rhodes University Residential System is to provide an attractive, comfortable, high-quality living environment which meets international standards and is committed to fostering the academic success and personal growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Mission Statement

In support of the vision, mission, values and objectives of Rhodes University and the Dean of Students Division, the Residential system intends

  •  to provide a caring, nurturing environment
  •  to be a community which aspires to excel in all that we do, in all walks of life
  •  staffed by a team of people who are
  • which fosters academic success and personal growth by effective governance structures in House and Hall committees
  • free from discrimination, intimidation or harassment
  • which is clean, safe and secure
  • in which there is respect for and safety of personal property
  •  in which the rules are fair and just, and sufficient to maintain an orderly environment conducive to learning, research and community life.
  • which embraces diversity
  • which takes a responsible part within the broader community
  • which recognises the unique value of each of its members
  • whose members are proud of their residence, Hall and University
  • whose members share the responsibility for supporting the vision and mission statement of the residential system
  • whose members receive due support and recognition for their contributions
  • dedicated, and committed to their own integrated involvement in their residence, Hall, and the University
  • committed to establishing an atmosphere which is conducive to academic study and personal growth
  • provided with appropriate skills and developmental training
  • supported by a responsive, empathetic, efficient and effective management and administrative and support structure.

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