De Beers House

We welcome you to De Beers House, on behalf of Kimberley Hall. A hall of residence at a higher education institution such as Rhodes University is not simply a place to sleep but a place to live. At De Beers (a house to 88 boys), our aim is to contribute towards the development of an academic environment that promotes constructive learning, intellectual success and socialisation of all students.

We believe such an environment can be achieved if (a) support to students is rendered timely and (b) students co-exist on the basis of mutual respect.

The culture in De Beers is based on principles of ethical sensitivity whereby students respect the rights of others. Therefore, the De Beers residence can be characterised by first and foremost its sense of brotherhood. There is an inherent sense of acceptance and support for each and every single member of the house. From the outset a new member is made to feel welcome through the warm and easily approachable House Committee which exists to serve them unreservedly. The new and the old are encouraged to engage and support one another through our tutoring/mentoring programme of the house and through the various sporting events held by the house and the university. It can truly be said then that De Beers is a place of growth.

This growth can also be found through the various house committee positions which are student occupied positions within the house. Being a member of the De Beers house allows one to grow in both leadership skills and in their ability to interact with others. The House Warden for De Beers is Dr Gladman Thondhlana. Gladman completed his PhD at Rhodes University in 2011 and is a lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science since 2012. He is readily available to attend to any comments, queries and questions

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