Gold Fields House:

The home of champs

Founded in 1985, Gold Fields House is situated up the hill, with spectacular views of Grahamstown and the surrounding natural landscape. This is a home for 84 young men. The house falls under Kimberley Hall, and has two common rooms in which housemates often get together to watch TV, play a game of cards, darts or pool. The basketball court, braai facilities and grassy areas around the residence provide a space conducive for playing sports and socialising outdoors. Apart from taking meals in the hall, students can work and study within the hall at night, with a warm cup of tea or coffee. To reinforce this, the Kimberley Study Smart Academic Plan is an initiative which gives students the opportunity to help each other succeed academically through tutoring. Gold Fields is a brotherhood in which you can always find someone to lift your spirits or help you in a time of need:

At Gold Fields we uphold three basic principles: Respect: Respect yourself; respect others; respect our home. Community: We are diverse individuals united under one roof. Do your part to make our community vibrant and harmonious. Chivalry: Honour, courage, courtesy and a willingness to help others in need. These are the qualities of a Gold Fields man. The residents of Gold Fields do their best in all pursuits because we are, after all, the Kings of the Hill. Our warden is Prof. James Gambiza, who holds multiple degrees and lectures in the Department of Environmental Science at Rhodes.

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