Undergraduate Courses

Management 1

Management 101

Principles of Management A

This Module Focuses on introducing the students to the general management tasks of planning, organising, leading and controlling, the role of an entrepreneur and manager in the South African business environment, and to the core competencies required to manage effectively.


Management 102

Principles of Management B

This Module explores managing in various contexts which includes marketing management, financial management, operations management, human resource management and purchasing and supply chain management.

Management 2


Management 211

Human Resource Management A:

The human resource management function with emphasis on human resource planning, staffing, compensation, labour relations, training and development, performance management, human resource information technology and international human resource management maintenance.


Management 212

 Supply Chain Management:

An overview of operations and supply chain management with an emphasis on the concepts of supply chain strategy, integrated logistics, inventory, quality and quality tools, forecasting and supply chain management challenges and future trends.


Management 213

 Principles of Marketing A:

The principles of Marketing which includes – the marketing concept, the marketing mix with specific emphasis on product, price, place and promotion decisions; an introduction to marketing research; an introduction to consumer behaviour; and segmentation, targeting and positioning.


Management 214

 Financial Management A:

The goal of Financial Management, financial statements, ratio analysis and working capital management.


Management 3


Management 311

 Human Resource Management B:

Organisational behaviour, with the emphasis on understanding the behaviour and leadership of people in the organisation; labour relations, with the emphasis on South African labour relations systems and management.


Management 312

 Strategic Management:

A study of the principles of strategic management, in accordance with the constraints and opportunities imposed by both internal and external environmental factors.


Management 313

 Principles of Marketing B:

Building on the Principles of Marketing A, this course focuses on the following topics – marketing research, consumer behaviour, brand management, international marketing, marketing communications, services marketing, social and digital marketing.



Management 314

 Financial Management B:

The investment, finance and dividend decisions;

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