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Hall Committee

The Hall Committee is made up of Subwardens, Senior Students and Wardens of each of the 4 residences in Miriam Makeba Hall.

The Hall Committee for 2015 Consists of:

  • Mr Michael Naidoo (Hall Warden/Warden of Chris Hani)
  • Mrs Shelly Roodt (Warden of Walker House)
  • Mr Robert Benyon (Warden of Piet Retief)
  • Ms Lindsay Gush (Acting Warden of Thomas Pringle & Hall Administrator)
  • Mr Aidan Whitaker  (Chris Hani Subwarden)
  • Mr Joseph Minde (Chris Hani Subwarden)
  • Mr Leonard Mukosi (Chris Hani Subwarden)
  • Mr Kamgelo Moloi  (Chris Hani Senior Student)
  • Ms Sanaa Abrahams (Walker Subwarden)
  • Ms Tinika Nuen (Walker Subwarden)
  • Ms Faith Panganayi (Walker Subwarden)
  • Ms Lelona Mxesibe (Hall Head Student)
  • Ms Michelle Wu (Walker Senior Student)
  • Ms Anesu Chiremba (Thomas Pringle Subwarden)
  • Ms Samantha Chiunzi (Thomas Pringle Subwarden)
  • Ms Lola Oridota (Thomas Pringle Subwarden)
  • Ms Nomaswazi Mthembu (Thomas Pringle Senior Student)
  • Mr Matthew Barbosa (Piet Retief Subwarden)
  • Mr Raymond Ndhlovu (Piet Retief Subwarden)
  • Mr Rober McGregor (Piet Retief Subwarden)
  • Mr Malibongwe Cebekulu (Piet Retief Senior Student)
  • Mr Ndyebo Nomatye (Hall Community Engagement Representative) 
  • Mr Mohato Makalima (Hall Sports Representative)
  • Mr Marcus Mothibeli (Hall SRC representative) 

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