The following appears in the Preamble Statement to the Union's Constitution

  • To these ends is established an organisation representing employees in tertiary education and related institutions in South Africa:

  • To protect and advance the rights, opinions, needs and interests of the membership of the National Tertiary Education Union and by extension the interests of Tertiary Education in South Africa and its communities.

  • To eliminate differences in benefit, entitlement and process and provide general protection for employees in the sector.

  • To engender the principles of co-determination between employer and employee and foster an environment that ensures current, or higher, standards of excellence in the work, teaching and research of tertiary education institutions.

  • To meet and respond to any perceived need to resolve contemporary problems facing society and foster teaching and research in the fulfilment of justice, peace, equality and social harmony and development.

  • To uphold the rights of individuals accorded by the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of South Africa.

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