The Executive Committee, as you will see from the listing under Branch Executive, is quite small. There is a large volume of work that is undertaken on behalf of the membership at Rhodes and there is always room for ordinary members to take on a volunteer role within the union.

We are fortunate to have a number of individual members who have done Selection Panel work on behalf of the union and there are several standing committees which have volunteer members who sit on behalf of the union and its members.

There are many opportunites for members to offer their time, granted its not paid, but you will get a real understanding of the workings and practices of the University.

Another way you can render some service for the union is to do some recruiting of new members either from the staff in grades 6 and above or from amongst your colleagues. - see our page on Joining NTEU for some information about why and how to join.

Should you want to volunteer send an email to Loiuse Howis the Branch Administrator at nteu@ru.ac.za or phone her on the extension 8144.

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