Welcome to NTEU Rhodes

The Rhodes Branch of the NATIONAL TERTIARY EDUCATION UNION (NTEU) was formed out of the Rhodes University Lecturers' Association (RULA) which broadened its membership base by forming the Rhodes University Staff Association (RUSA). RUSA was affiliated as a founder member to the Union of Democratic University Staff Associations (UDUSA), and, when UDUSA took the decision to register as a national trade union in the Higher Education and related sector, RUSA elected to stay within the organisation rather than register as an institutionally based trade union. At this point UDUSA became NTESU, the National Tertiary Education Staff Union. The union was registered at the Department of Labour in 1998. Over the years of the existence of the NTESU there was a great deal of contact with NUTESA the technicon union, and, through this time, there was talk about amalgamation. NTESU ran a one-voice campaign strategy in the background and in 2009 agreement to amalgamate was achieved. NTEU was registered as a trade union on 25th February 2010. Please explore this site and the Union's national site (www.nteu.org.za) for more information on the national and local activities and profile of the NTEU.

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