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About Us

The Oppidan community is the single largest student body at Rhodes. Oppies enjoy the benefits of increased independence and freedom from some of the strictures of life in residence, but off-campus living also provides its challenges. This site is here to assist Oppies, present and future, in overcoming these challenges.





Here you will find information on the Oppidan Hall, its wardens, sub-wardens and committee. This is a body of students, led by our Hall Warden, who is here to help you, the Oppidan student, navigate the world of life outside campus successfully and easily. If you have any problems, they are your first port of call.

In addition, you will find information on legal issues, lease agreements and a digs list and rating system (coming soon!), to help you find the best digs possible for your needs. We also have a fair bit of information on the lighter side of Oppie life, namely our very active sports and community engagement teams. (GET INVOLVED) ;)

Any comments, questions or suggestions for the page? Email the Oppi Web/IT Tech, k.vanheerden@ru.ac.za

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