What are the roles in the Oppidan Office

Oppidan Union Team:

The Oppidan Hall Warden: Mr Tšepo Lepelesana

The Hall Warden manages the Oppidan Office and is the direct reporting line for all the University employees within the Oppidan Office.The warden is responsible for all aspects of student service for students living and learning off campus.

The Oppidan Subwardens:

Ms Vhenekai 'Vee' Khashungura 2022               

Mr Simbulele 'Sim' Sizani 2022

Ms Kwanele Siyengo 2022                                   

Mr Zolani 'Zee' Bethela  2022

Mr Nigel Machiha 2022

The sub warden staff are the first port of call for all Oppidan student disciplinary matters. They report to the warden and serve students with mediation of conflicts, disciplinary case intervention and conflict resolution between students off campus.


The Oppidan Hall Administrator: Ms Lungi Mhlapo 

The Hall Administrator coordinates all administrative matters concerning the Oppidan Office as well as record keeping, all in support of the Oppidan Office and students, she is the frontline contact in the office.


The Oppidan Hall Committee

The SRC Oppidan Councillor (Chair): Ms Siviwe Gaika 2022 to Mr Adrian January 2023 (Executive)

The SRC Oppidan Councillor serves as the chair of the Oppidan Hall Committee by virtue of being elected by the Oppidan Student Body.The role of the Chairperson is to oversee all Hall committee meetings and attend all relevant University meetings pertaining to the Oppidan Committee.


The Oppidan Hall Senior Student (Vice-Chair): Ms Lindiwe Vilia Dube 2023(Executive)

The role of the Vice Chairperson assists the chairperson in all their duties. The Hall Senior student is the leader of the hall committee and all portfolios are accountable for their performance to the senior student who is the second in charge and proxy chair when the chair is unable to perform his/her duties. 


The Hall Committee Secretary: Ms Lethabo 'Joy' Ntatamala 2022 to Ms Koketso Hlogwane 2023 (Executive)

The role of the secretary is to be executive administrator of the Hall Committee, this entails setting the agenda for all Hall meetings, minute taking at Hall Committee meetings, and circulating the draft minutes to the committee within the agreed upon timeframe. The secretary is the contact person receiving all apologies for meetings in writing and also oversees record keeping and communication of important dates.


Community Engagement Representative: Ms Siviwe Gaika 2022 to Sinentokozo Mkhonza

Responsible for coordinating and mobilising Oppidans who would like to get involved in Community Engagement.Organise sponsorship for community engagement events in which Oppidans will participate.  Consolidate the project and impact reports for each community engagement activity.


Environmental Representative:  Ms Asisipho 'Asi' Kani 2022 to Ms Yumuna Tombe 2023

Is responsible for fostering a culture of environmental awareness and to facilitate environmental activism. The environmental representative makes sure that the Oppidans are aware of what is expected of them in terms of environmental activism and awareness raising.To organise events and raise awareness around environmental issues. To ensure that Oppidan students are engaged with environmental matters on a daily basis.


Academic and Mentorship Representative:  Ms Zinathi Sobuza 2022 to Mr Kamvelihle Buwa 2023

Is responsible for fostering a culture of academic excellence. To facilitate student academic engagement, study skills, familiarity with technology and to lead and foster a supportive academic mentorship and guidance ecosystem. 


The Treasurer and Fundraising Representative: Ms Lelona Mafu 2022 to Rinae Galani (Treasurer 2023) & Sibahle Gqomfa (Fundraising 2023)

Is responsible for providing an overview of the budget at the beginning of the year including details of planned expenditure for the year. This committee members holds overall responsibility for the way financial resources are used, as decided by the Committee.The Treasurer ensures that the Committee spends money correctly and this will involve regularly advising the Committee on its financial affairs.Liaises with the hall administrator for record keeping, monitoring the Committee’s financial resources and reporting.


The Entertainment Representative: Ms Lindiwe Vilia Dube 2022 to Ms Ncomeka Mane 2023

Responsible for arranging all Hall Social functions, different events for the Oppidan students.Consult students for themes for events. Chairperson and project manager of the organising team.  Must send out regular emails about the different events through the Oppidan mailing list and coordinate with the media team to maximise communications to the Oppidan student body.

The Information Technology Representative: Vacant 

Responsible for assisting Oppidan Students with all matters involving technology literacy and use. This is the senior technology mentor within the hall committee supporting students with issues relating to technology use in the digs system. This is liaison with the IT department and source of information about everything from where to locate the IT store and help desks, internet access in the Oppidan community and to connect students to relevant stakeholders for networks and effective technology use. 


Media Team:Ms Unathi Ngcwabe (Media,Marketing & Social Media 2023),Talia Bentele (Public Relations, Website & Social Media 2023),Sbongile Mabasa (Digital Specialist & Social Media 2023), and Ofentse Mphamo (Multi-Media Consultant)

Responsible for Public Relations and Marketing on behalf of the Oppidan Union to the student body and Rhodes University Committee.  Creates brand awareness of the nature of and the activities carried out by the Oppidan Union.  Conducts market research ( to establish student demands). Leads advertising for various Oppidan Union activities including posters, flyers,banners and the Oppidan website.Publishes and promotes Oppidan events and activities on a weekly basis to the Oppidan community.Preparing and supervising the production of publicity posters, brochures, handouts, leaflets, emails, photographs, films and multimedia programmes. Has creative and media inputs for preparation of committee documents such as annual reports and feedback document submissions.


Sports and Societies Representative: Ms Ofentse Bulane and Mr Ephraim Nerombe (2022) to Ms Nontle Sigenu (Sports 2023) and Revelation Majola (Societies 2023)

Responsible for coordinating Oppidan participation in sports. To lead the process of creating and inter-Oppidan sports culture.Guide and chaperone new students to sports and societies extravaganza, point persons for registration of all Oppidans interested in signing up for sports, societies and the gym. Coordinate attendance of Sports and Societies sign up and record keep sports and societies participation and achievements.Send out regular emails about the different sporting events and recognise students achieving in sports and societies participation.


Transformation Representative: Ms Iyanla Tezapi 2022 to Mr Abongile Bambiso 2023

Responsible for facilitating student development of self. Drive, coordinate and mobilise awareness raising programmes for Oppidans. Motivate a culture of engagement in and participation in the evolution of institutional transformation events. Invite Oppidans and to facilitate participation of Oppidans in events and activities relating to equity and inclusion. Promote a culture of respect and tolerance within the Oppidan community. The Transformation Representative shall be responsible for conceptualising and coordinating Oppidan Union transformation programmes which promote a University environment and institutional culture that is welcoming and inclusive of all staff and students. Leads awareness raising and respect for diversity. Raises awareness about relevant transformation issues and challenges.


Student Wellness and Welfare Representative:Ms Iyanla Tezapi 2022 to Ms Tumiso Maseng 2023 and Okuhle Mdunyelwa 2023

Is responsible for Oppidan wellness and welfare matters. Deals with finding solutions to the problems that the Oppidans express ie. security and transport (Oppidan Bus) matters. Investigates matters affecting students daily life living off campus and links students with the warden and subwardens for referral of mental health issues. This representative  also liaises with Oppidans regarding nutrition and balanced eating. Conducts audits of grocery shopping ability and meal planning in the Oppidan Community. Responsible for advocating for Oppidan social amenities and for ensuring that the existing amenities are properly maintained such as the bus and Oppidan Common room.

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