What are the different portfolios

Oppidan Committee Portfolio's

The Chairperson: Venessa Bobotyana



The role of the Chairman is to oversee all committee meetings and attend all relevant University meetings pertaining to the Oppidan Committee. The Chairman controls and manages the Oppidan Committee in conjunction with the Wardens and the Administrator.

The Vice Chairperson: Tsungai Mashingaidze



The role of the Vice Chairperson is to assist the chairperson in all their duties.


Entertainment Rep: Simbabelwa Mbali


Responsible for arranging events for the Oppidan students.  Must send out regular e-mails about the different events.


The Treasurer and Fundraising Rep:Sanele Ngubo

Sanele Treasurer 

Responsible for the management and raising of the Union funds/accounts. Manages the transfer of funds in and out of the Oppidan Union's account. Provides an overview of the budget at the beggining of the year including details of planned expenditure of the Union for the year.

The Marketing and IT Rep:Samantha Chiunzi

Sam Media and Marketing


Responsible for marketing the Oppidan Union to the student body.  Create brand awareness of the nature of and the activities carried out by the Oppidan Union.  Conduct market research ( to establish demands) Advertising for various Oppidan Union activities including poster, flyers,banners, Oppi website etc

Sports Rep: Karabo Maja?dibodu



Responsible for co-ordinating Oppi participation in sports. Must register all Oppi's interested in signing up for sport  Send out regular e-mails about the different sporting events.


Community Engagement Rep: Jessie Ditshego


Responsible for co-ordinating and mobilizing Oppidans who would like to get involved in Community Engagement.  Organize sponsorship for community engagement events in which Oppies will participate.  Consolidate the projects and post information of involvement on the Oppi Website.

 Welfare and Environmental Rep: Valerie Ndlovu



Deals with finding solutions to the problems that the Oppies Express ie. Security, transport etc.  Environementally will make sure that the Oppidans are aware of what is expected of them to help the environment.

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