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Rhodes Lingo

Oppidan and digs aren't the only strange words you'll hear around campus. Here is a short list of some more commmon Rhodent phrases.

  • Dawnie – The first lecture of the day
  • All-nighter – The act of working all night (generally not to be advised when one has a dawnie)
  • Naps – Having a sleepover with someone (also not advised when one has a dawnie)
  • Hectic – Used often to describe something as being amazing or awful
  • Bait – The act of tricking someone or lying to them e.g. “Are you baiting?” = “Are you joking/lying?”
  • Lock down – A bar locking its last customers in at closing time for an all-night party
  • Bungee – (pronounced with a hard 'g') A student who doesn’t wear shoes and generally looks very “BA”
  • Tri-var – Tri-varsity
  • Soc – A society (pronunciation soc - e.g. Rocsoc is the geology society)
  • Kaif – Café next to the GLT that sells snacks and take-aways (and doesn’t skimp on the cheese on toasties)
  • Toastie – Toasted sandwich

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