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Physics and Electronics

The Department of Physics & Electronics provides a well-rounded under-graduate program and has thriving postgraduate research activities. We are proud to inform prospective First Year students that our department has a well-established reputation of good teaching. We are committed to offering stimulating lecture and laboratory-based physics programmes that will offer you the opportunity to develop your qualitative, quantitative and a host of other transferable skills over your undergraduate years.

Our department has a diverse range of research programmes. The flagship area of research concerns The Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope - or SKA. When completed, this will be the world's biggest telescope - and one of the biggest scientific projects ever conceived. Even in its formative stages, the project has already produced inspiring results about some of the biggest questions in Astronomy such as the nature of black holes. In addition to the fascinations of astronomy, we have internationally respected research programmes on experiment solid state physics specialising on study of point defects in solids using luminescence methods, work on nuclear physics, upper atmosphere physics, Electronics, Theoretical physics and pedagogy of physics. Our current crop pf postgraduate students in quite diverse coming from many countries in Africa and beyond. We are happy to reach out to new students, research fellows and others who would like to join us in pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the subject areas mentioned.

Prof Makaiko Chithambo

Head of Department