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Experimental Solid State Physics

Luminescence Research Laboratory

Research projects
The general theme of our research is the study of point-defects in insulating materials using luminescence methods.  Our current interest concerns the use of time-resolved optical stimulation (TR-OSL) to study dynamics of luminescence processes in quartz and the ultra-sensitive dosimeter, a-Al2O3:C.     We also have projects using thermoluminescence to study luminescence properties of quartz, a-Al2O3:C, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and various materials of interest in phosphor research.


  • Two RISØ TL/OSL DA-20 Luminescence Readers
  • Blue (470 nm) LED Time-resolved Luminescence Spectrometer
  • Green (525 nm) LED Time-resolved Luminescence Spectrometer 

Group members

Prof. M L Chithambo, Group Leader

Dr. S Nsengiyumva, Lecturer

Dr. Damilola Folley, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

J L Sob, PhD Student

F Elago, PhD Student

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