Opportunities for Graduate Students in Theoretical Physics

Opportunities are available with the

Department of Physics & Electronics at Rhodes University

for Masters Students with an interest in theoretical high-energy physics. Applications for Doctoral studies will also be considered.


The theory group is headed by Prof. Allan Joseph Medved, who carries out research on semi-classical aspects of quantum gravity and string-theoretic dualities. However, Masters Projects need not be so ambitious.

Possible topics include:

Black Hole Physics

Quantum Theory


Quantum Philosophy


Funding will be available for applicants with strong academic records. 

Students with a solid foundation in both maths and physics are encouraged to apply.


Those intending to apply should send to the email below:

A covering letter

Curriculum Vitae

Full certified academic transcript

The names and contact details of three referees


Further inquires are also welcome.    



The offer will be kept open until a suitable applicant is found.

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