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Honorary Appointments

Honorary Titles are titles awarded by the institution to individuals who are not employed by the institution (with the exception of the category of Honorary Professor) but who are associated with the University in other ways in a mutually beneficial relationship. The range of titles, criteria of appointment, benefits and conditions associated with appointments are outlined in the Framework document below:

Honorary Titles Framework 2017 

‎Heads of Departments can motivate for the appointment of individuals in terms of this framework. Once the appointment is ratified by Senate and Council, the DVC: R&D will write to the new honorary appointee indicating the process to follow to access certain facilities of the institution.‌‌

To view the list of current Honorary Appointments please click on https://dmuapps.ru.ac.za/web/honorary‌

Process of Recommending Honorary Appointment

Honorary Appointment Nomination Template 

‌‌Heads of Departments requiring further information should contact the DVC: R&D (dvc.research@ru.ac.za)

Deadline for applications to Dean Senate Exec agenda deadline Senate Exec Meeting Council meeting date for ratification
 2018/02/21  2018/03/06  2018/03/13  2018/04/23
 2018/05/02  2018/05/16  2018/05/22  2018/06/14
 2018/07/25  2018/08/08  2018/08/14  2018/09/13
 2018/09/19  2018/10/03  2018/10/09  2018/11/29

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