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Visiting Academics Researchers


  1. Access to facilities in the host Department such as office space, computers, laboratories and equipment subject to availability and approval of the Head of Department.
  2. Access to the University library and other general and sporting facilities.
  3. Co-supervision of postgraduate students where appropriate and with the approval of the Head of Department and Dean of the Faculty (and Senate in the case of doctoral students).
  4. Research grants may be awarded to the appointee for the purposes of research carried out at Rhodes University. Such grants will be administered on the appointee’s behalf.
  5. Rhodes University based Research Associates and Post-doctoral Fellows engaged in full-time research are eligible to apply for University Research Committee conference travel grants under the same conditions that apply to full-time academic and research staff.


  1. All intellectual property arising from research carried out at Rhodes University will be the property of the University.
  2. All publications arising from research carried out at Rhodes University must acknowledge the University and the appointee’s affiliation address must be that of Rhodes University or both Rhodes University and that of their own Institution.
  3. Visiting Professors and Visiting Fellows shall normally be required to spend at least one week per academic year in the host Department giving lectures, conducting seminars or in any other way sharing their expertise and experience with staff and students.
  4. A 10% administrative fee will be applicable to research grants awarded to the appointee and administered by the University.

For procedures related to the accord of the Honorary titles Visiting Professor, Visiting Fellow and Research Associate refer to the Academic Planning and Staffing Committee document on Honorary Titles and for further conditions and tenure of award of Postdoctoral Fellowships refer to the Joint Research Committee document on Postdoctoral Fellowships.

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