The Research Office maintains a database of staff research interests and activities on its website. The Research Office also maintains an extensive database of all the University’s research outputs and reports these annually in a yearly Research Report. The Data Management Unit has an excellent, well-managed internal database and record keeping system (Protea). Together with the DVC: R&D's Assistant and Research Accountant the Data Manager has over the past few years refined a system of accurate record keeping in terms of postgraduate students, funding and research outputs which is regularly updated and allows for efficient, although on occasions, time consuming retrieval of data. This data is frequently used in surveys conducted by various government departments, the NRF, HSRC and other organizations who are always very complimentary about the extent and accuracy of the Rhodes data and the efficiency of its retrieval.

The mission of the Research Office is to be a “one stop shop” for all research matters and postgraduate funding. This relies on a premise of being able to provide a comprehensive service based on a thorough knowledge and understanding of all of the University’s research activities, of the national system of research and to a lesser extent international research environment. The turn around time for most enquiries and services is a maximum of 24 hours and is seldom exceeded.

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