Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates

The university has an internal postdoctoral fellowship programme to support research. Funds for these fellowships come from both the university budget and the Andrew Mellon Foundation (specifically for the Humanities and Social Sciences). This programme is supported by other National postdoctoral fellowships and those awarded to individual researchers through their specific grants.

Rhodes provides an opportunity for the appointment of honorary researchers such as Research Associates and Visiting Professors which are designed to encourage colleagues from other institutions both locally and internationally to collaborate with Rhodes staff and in some cases to be co-supervisors of Master and PhD theses. These appointments are made as 3 year contracts through a process of nomination to the Academic and Staffing Committee which takes into consideration the departmental motivation and candidates CV in terms of their suitability for such an appointment. In addition, endowments provide funding for the appointment of a number of prestigious senior research fellowships on an annual basis. This programme of honorary and senior fellowship appointments has been a very successful means of stimulating collaboration with colleagues at research councils, industry and business both nationally and internationally and has been a stimulus to enhancing research outputs in many departments.

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