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Message from the VC

Rhodes is a research led university, and, despite its relatively small size, is one of the pre-eminent research institutions on the continent, which produces world leading research for the advancement of humanity and the natural world.  

Building on the foundation of intellectual rigour which has defined Rhodes University for generations, the diverse student body, outstanding pass and graduation rates, and amongst the highest per capita research output rates in South Africa, our research groups and individual scholars and teachers continue to strengthen the intellectual reputation of our institution, regularly receiving widespread recognition for their work.  

We work continually on improving the learning and research facilities of the university, attracting resources to enhance our already high quality equipment and information resource base.  

This Research Gateway is intended to facilitate access to information relating to all facets of Rhodes University's research programme, including procedures and applications for funding, reports, deadline dates and many other key sources of information.

My commitment as a Vice-Chancellor is to use my leadership to further our shared objective of strengthening our university’s position as a distinct and distinctive institution providing outstanding education to young people of our country and beyond, generating and disseminating knowledge of high quality which advances human understanding and wisdom, and that helps us build and sustain a better society and a better world.




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