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Research Objectives

Research Strategic Objectives

1. To broaden the research output quality and research productivity levels of academic staff, through increased PhD qualification proportions, targeted research funding and resourcing, and the pursuit of Institutional Equity and Transformation goals.

2. The identification of strategic focus areas of scholarly excellence, and the development thereof into key differentiators for excellence.

3. To grow and maintain excellent research infrastructure and support to meet the needs of researchers and postgraduate students.

4. To instil and grow a research culture that fosters innovative, relevant, and challenging research.

5. To grow the attractiveness of Rhodes University as a host institution for Postdoctoral Fellows, with a target of doubling the postdoctoral population and significantly broadening it beyond its current predominantly Science Faculty base.


Postgraduate Objectives

1. To grow the proportion of postgraduate students at Rhodes University to one-third of the student population.

2. Improve throughput, completion and success rates of our postgraduate students, through increasing relevant support structures.

3. To develop, strengthen, and increase supervisory capacity amongst academic staff

4. To raise the profile and status of postgraduate education and training at Rhodes University, through the establishment of a Postgraduate Studies Centre.

5. To grow financial support opportunities for postgraduate students.

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