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The SADMER project aims to publish a directory of all published research works in Mathematics Education by researchers and authors in South African HEIs. 

The first phase of the project which captured and documented all journal publications is complete.  We are entering the 2nd phase of our project where we wish to capture all PhDs that have been completed at South African Universities since the first doctoral dissertation by A.J van Zyl in 1938.

We wish to publish the first edition of the directory in the course of 2012.  This publication will be available as a hard-copy text and as an open-source online database.

SADMER database November 2011

PhD Database December

Please check the database to see whether your publications are recorded accurately.  If not please download the appropriate form and send it to maths.ed@ru.ac.za .

SADMER Masters Form


SADMER Omissions Form

Data Templates

SADMER team:

Prof Marc Schäfer
Prof Pat Irwin
Dr Mike Mhlolo


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