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Exciting news about after-school maths clubs in and around Grahamstown


November: Two learners from St Mary's grade 4 after school maths clubs received postitive disposition awards: 

  • Xatiswya Schoeman Grade 4 - This prize is for Mathematical Collaborator of the year. For always working well with others in pairs and groups, for being patient, and for sharing her mathematical ideas in after school maths clubs
  • Drea Swarts Grade 4 - This prize is for the Mathematical Explorer of the year. For not being afraid to try and figure out an answer, and being willing to make the mistakes needed to learn mathematically in after school maths clubs

April: As well as the clubs running in Grahamstown and supporting the after care centres in running their clubs, this year the new Maths Club Development programme has been run at 4 new sites in 3 different provinces: Uitenhage (EC), Wolmoranstad (NW), Vrygrond (WC) and King Wiliams Town (EC). In that time 78 teachers have been trained in how to set up and run a club, 30 new clubs have started and over 282 learners have prticiapted in those clubs. 

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This year we have introduced two after school maths club awards as a way to acknowledge an exceptionally positive disposition towards mathematics. The first award is for the club learner showing the most dedication and passion for mathematical learning in after school maths clubs. The second is a joint award to a pair of club learners showing exceptional collaboration in their mathematical learning in after school maths clubs. These prizes will be awarded annually. The award winners are selected from all the learners participating in maths clubs run by the SANC project team. Click here to see a history of award winners. 

Many pictures of club activities this year


Introductory Maths Club Workshop for 250 educators from Port Elizabeth District in Port Elizabeth. 18th June 2014. Read more...

Introductory Maths Club Workshop for 23 Eastern Cape District Subject Advisors in Port Elizabeth. 20th February.

Grahamstown Child Welfare Maths Club Workshop for staff and volunteers from three Child Welfare Community Programmes being, Ikhaya Losizo (Cluster Foster Homes for children found in need of care); Nompumelelo Pre-School and the Sun City After-Care Programme. Read more...


2013 workshop photos

On 15th October 2013, ITEC in East London asked us to run a 'Starting a maths club' workshop for their staff and lecturers from the Education Department at Fort Hare. Debbie and Varonique travelled to East London for the day. Again, we ran the session along the lines of a club, sharing some fun games for use as mental maths starters and some longer activities. We look forward to hearing how ITEC take the ideas forward and thank them for inviting us to share our ideas!

We had some awesome feedback from the participants about this workshop:

"I enjoyed the workshop. It was informative and challenged some of my perspectives on teaching mathematics."

"Excellent. The variety of approaches, ideas and inputs were truly inspiring. Really valuable."

16th October 2013: Melissa Tweedie from Port Alfred High School asked Debbie to run an introductory club session for 10 Grade 1 learners

6th September 2013: Debbie, Nombelelu Koliti and Yaleka Mase (from Samuel Ntsiko school in Grahamstown) ran a games with cards and dice at the SARAECE regional conference in East London. It was at this conference that Barbara Valentine from ITEC expressed an interest in using the club model in her organisation. 

June 2013: Debbie and a team of educators ran a games with cards and dice at the AMESA conference in Cape Town. The games featured are those we use often in clubs, but we are also hoping that people will try them in classrooms too!

On 21st May 2013, we ran our first public after-maths club introductory workshop in Grahamstown. We advertised the workshop in our local newspaper, Grocotts as a way of opening up the idea to the broader Grahamstown community. The ad was accompanied by a lovely maths club article written by Grocotts reporter Hancu Louw. 

People from 3 organisations attended the workshop: educators from Alexandria Primary and Fikizolo School and facilitators from the Lebone Centre. Prof Graven gave an introduction to the workshop. Debbie Stott facilitated the remainder of the workshop with assistance from Varonique Sias

We ran the workshop along the same lines as a club session. After the introductions and overview, we did about 15-20 minutes of mental maths using games and dice. This was followed by an hour or so of maths games and activities. The games and activities we did are highly customisable to accommodate different mathematical concepts and learner grades. 

Each attendee went away with a starter pack of resources and some dice. These resources are available from here

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