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Pushing for Progression 15-week teacher development programme

MC Dev Prg logoBased on the research and development work carried out in the South African Numeracy Chair (SANC) project in after school clubs since 2011, we note that working with learners to focus specifically on the development of fluency and number sense over a short period of time has positive results. Therefore, we aim to build on these successes with this programme. This programme aims to support teachers in setting up and running clubs of their own using a structured 15-week club programme. 

*** Indicates newly added resources


MC Dev Prg generic 15-week schedule Learner Tailored Independent Activity (Homework Books)
Workshop One resources and teacher handbook: assessments, marking schedules and games Workshop Two resources and teacher handbook: addition and subtraction Workshop Three resources and teacher handbook: multiplication and division


Resources required for the programme

1. *** MC dev prg - Club register for 2017 in Excel format

2. Printable resources for each session. These are either laminated or printed to put into A4 plastic sleeves. See links below.

  • Workshop one: overview, assessments, marking schedules and games
  • Workshop two: FP and IP addtion and substraction activities
  • Workshop three: FP and IP multiplication and division activities

3. Physical resources for teachers and learners that need to be purchased have been kept to a bare minimum and are as follows:

Teachers / facilitators (1 set per club)


Playing cards



White 1-6 dice



1-12 dice (NOT ESSENTIAL - if you can source them)



1-20 dice (NOT ESSENTIAL -if you can source them)



1-6 dice with numerals



Pencils (1 for each learner to use)



Dry wipe markers


Small cleaning cloths (or cut up dusters)




Learners (not a necessity but usefu for them to have and take home for further practise and for Pay-It-Forward)

Playing cards 1  pack
White 1-6 dice 2  dice
1-6 dice with numerals 1  dice
1-12 dice (if you can source them) 1  dice
1-20 dice (if you can source them) 1  dice

Please see our MC Dev Prg Indicative Costings 2016 document for further information

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