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Starting your own club

Access a variety of resources for getting started

Starting a Maths Club booklet Resources Structured club session resources

If you are interested in starting an out-of-school-time club, download our Starting a Maths Club booklet for further information. We also have a selection of free resources that have been tested in the clubs over the duration of the project. If you would like to talk to us about the clubs or arrange for us to come and run a 'Starting a maths club' workshop, please contact Debbie.

Support for the beginning club sessions **Coming soon**

At the request of a number of partners, in 2016 we have started putting together a structured series of resrouces to help support club leaders and facilitiators in getting their clubs started. The idea is to give new leaders and faciliators a plan for the first 14 weeks of a club as a way of getting started and building their own confidence. The leader may then choose to adhere strictly to the plan or to use it as a loose guide depending on where the learners need support. 

At present, the resources include a summary overview of the first 14 weeks of a club. Each session is then detailed on a club session planning sheet with links to games and activities on this site.

Foundation Phase clubs
  • Summary session overview
  • Planning sheets
    • Sessions 1 to 7
    • Sessions 8 to 14
Intermediate Phase clubs
  • Summary session overview
  • Planning sheets
    • Sessions 1 to 7
    • Sessions 8 to 14

Download this poster

C‌lub Ethos

We aim for the club ethos to be different to that of the formal classroom. Here are some of our guiding principles:


The aim of the maths clubs are:

  • To help learners think about mathematics
  • To enjoy mathematics
Learners are free to:
  • Talk about mathematics
  • Argue about mathematics
  • Explain how something was worked out
  • Ask questions
  • Make mistakes
  • Speak their own language
  • Cross things out, be untidy
The clubs operate with some basic ground rules:
  • We listen to each other’s ideas
  • No hitting, kicking, biting, bullying
  • No laughing when people make mistakes
  • No telling tales

Click on the image on the right to download a poster of this ethos.


All the items that we use in the clubs are provided via funding from the FirstRand Foundation (with the RMB), Anglo American Chairman’s fund, the Department of Science and Technology, the National Research Foundation and the Vestas Empowerment Fund.

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