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Lunga Izata


Hello! My name is Lunga Izata from Angola. Even though I was raised in different parts of the world, I carry my Angolan identity and values everywhere I go.

I was fortunate to study a B.A in Public Relations in England and I am currently living in South Africa under an OSISA (Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa) scholarship awarded to me to study the PGDip in Media Management. I believe that knowledge about leadership in media allows people to have a platform to send a message to society.

As a writer, I have always been interested in society’s issues and I find literature therapeutic because it helps me with my life struggles. I have published a fiction book about a character who deals with depression, low self-esteem and racism, and I have co-authored with six African writers a motivation book about destiny. I think there is beauty in resilience and motivating people.

As a motivational speaker, I am starting my own NGO against bullying where I intend to gather individuals to overcome their fears, organize concerts/book clubs and we hope to help others with our inspirational words. We just finished our first documentary that intends to inform the Angolan society about the issue.

Also volunteering was a major step in my life to understand myself and become more human. I always try to balance my business ideas and my devotion to the community. I have worked as a project coordinator assistant for a company in the industrial housing sector that aims to build houses with PVC materials, which are accessible, safer and environmentally friendly, and provide better living conditions to poorer people. I am always looking for ways to educate myself and work for a better and fairer world. 

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