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Nosiphiwo Precious Hawker


My name is Nosiphiwo Precious Hawker and I am 23. I am originally from Cape Town, born on 8 September 1994 in a local settlement called Khayelitsha, which is unfortunately known for its increasing number of crime and violence. It is my surroundings that drove me to pursue further education because I want to prove that old saying that ‘your background doesn’t determine your future’.

Coming from a background of an illiterate family who are strongly looking upon me to change their lives forces me to take my education seriously and I am hungry for success.  I matriculated in 2012, then completed my degree in record time in 2015. I graduated on 13 April 2016 with a BA degree from the University of the Western Cape ( UWC). I majored in Political Science and International Relations, Ethics and Sociology.

I am currently pursuing my postgraduate studies in Media Management at Rhodes  University’s Sol Plaatje Institute. Thus far, I consider this one-year programme to be fair and I have learnt important issues in Media Management. 

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