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Prince Alfred House is situated near the old Drostdy Barracks.

Our Home

Residents of Prince Alfred House enjoy the benefit of living in perhaps the most geographically convenient res on campus. You will notice that our house is located at the heart of the campus. It is close to most important facilities within the university and in the town as well. It will take a PA lady only approximately twenty minutes to get to the furthest place on Campus such as Old Mutual Sports Pavilion and that is if you are walking slowly.  

There are 52 ladies in PA making us one of the smaller residences but you what they say ‘Dynamite comes in small packages.’ Prince Alfred House came second in the female inter-res sports in 2014 and won the campus-wide Give 5 challenge winning a flat screen TV. The third year academic award was also awarded to Kirsty Hayden-Smith who hails from PA.

What to bring?

What you can find in a Prince Alfred room

Welcome to Prince Alfred House where you have the pleasure of living in your own room and are allowed to request to change rooms at the end of an academic year.

Every Prince Alfred room has a desk, chair, bookshelf, side table and multiple cupboards/wardrobes depending on the room you are allocated to.

There is bedding provided to you however you are allowed to bring your own bedding if you wish to do so, don’t forget your teddies!

It is also a good idea to bring an extra blanket as it gets quite cold in winter.

You are allowed to decorate your room as you please as long as it does not damage the exterior of the room (nails among other things).

There is a res vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean your room but it is also necessary that you keep your room tidy as once you have left for vacation the rooms are checked.

There is a noticeboard where you can put pictures, reminders or a calendar.

You can bring a kettle, iron, hairdryer and alarm clock however you are not allowed to have any other electronic appliances such as a heater, fridge and electric blanket in your room.

The aim is to make your room as comfy as possible, so bring your precious valuables as this will be your home away from home.

What's Happening?



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