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Geometry, Groups and Control (GGC)

The GGC research group was formed in 2010 as the Geometry and Geometric Control research group; in 2015 it changed its name to Geometry, Graphs and Control research group. Since 2018 it is the Geometry, Groups and Control research group. The founding members were Ross M. Adams, Rory Biggs, Helen C. Henninger and Claudiu C. Remsing. Our main research interests are

  • geometric control (particularly, on Lie groups)
  • Riemannian and sub-Riemannian geometry
  • nonholonomic Riemannian geometry
  • geometry of homogeneous spaces

We are continuously seeking highly-motivated and well-prepared MSc and PhD candidates (as well as postdocs) with an interest in pure and applied mathematics. Contact us:  c.c.remsing@ru.ac.za.


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