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We invite motivated prospective MSc and PhD candidates to study with us. Postdoctoral applicants are also welcome to contact us. Primarily, we are interested in differential geometry (and its applications to control theory) and graph theory. Possible topics for research include the following:

  • Categories of (invariant) control systems: equivalence and classification
  • Invariant optimal control problems on (matrix) Lie groups
  • Control structures
  • Curvature of control systems
  • Poisson structures (and optimal control)
  • Integration of Hamiltonian systems on Lie-Poisson spaces
  • Stability of Hamiltonian systems on Lie-Poisson spaces
  • Geometry of nonholonomic systems
  • Sub-Riemannian geometry (and optimal control)
  • Sub-Lorentzian geometry (and optimal control)
  • Cartan's method of equivalence (and control systems)
  • Neurogeometry
  • Domination in graphs
  • Probabilistic combinatorics
  • Spectral graph theory
  • Characterizing extremal graphs.

 We are considering expanding into areas of discrete geometry such as:

  • Random geometric graphs
  • Discrete differential geometry.

Prior exposure to geometry or discrete mathematics (in a broad sense) is advantageous, but not essential for a dedicated student. (Several supporting undergraduate and Honours courses are currently offered in the department.)

For more information, feel free to contact us: c.c.remsing@ru.ac.za


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