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Affirmative action meets white mediocrity

Henry Louis Gates Jr's admission reflects a fundamental problem with affirmative action.

Professor Lewis Gordon teaches "Theories from the Global South" at Rhodes

In fourth term, the Nelson Mandela Visiting Professor of Political Studies, Professor Lewis Gordon of the University of Connecticut taught a postgrduate course, Theories from the Global South, and gave a series of seminars and public lectures.

Gordon Named Nelson Mandela Visiting Professor at South African University

UConn philosophy professor Lewis R. Gordon will serve as the Nelson Mandela Visiting Professor in the Department of Politics & International Relations at Rhodes University in South Africa during the fall semesters of 2014 and 2015.

Professor Gordon to take up the Nelson Mandela Visiting Professorship

Rhodes University is thrilled and honoured to announce that Professor Lewis Gordon, a leading figure in philosophy, will take up the prestigious Nelson Mandela Visiting Professorship in the Department of Politics & International for 2014 and 2015.