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Members of the department publish in a wide range of journals and other publications. Please see individual researchers’ pages for more information on our recent publications. Some of the recent highlights include:

  • Chipaike, R. and Bischoff, P. 2018. A Challenge to Conventional Wisdom: Locating Agency in Angola’s and Ghana’s Economic Engagements with China. Journal of Asian and African Studies, Vol. 53(7) 1002–1017. Available here.
  • Matthews, S. (2018) Confronting the Colonial Library: Teaching Political Studies Amidst Calls for a Decolonised Curriculum, Politikon, 45:1, 48-65, DOI: 10.1080/02589346.2018.1418204. Available here.
  • Matthews, S. (2017) Colonised minds? Post-development theory and the desirability of development in Africa, Third World Quarterly, 38(12): 2650-2663. Available here.
  • Chiwandire, D and L. Vincent. 2017. ‘Wheelchair users, access and exclusion in South African higher education’. African Journal of Disability. 6(0), a353. Available here.
  • Munyuki, C. and L. Vincent. 2018. Strangers "at Home": Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Students’ strategies for Resisting Heteronormativity in University Residence Life. South African Journal of Higher Education, 32(3):64-80. Available here.
  • Magadla, S. 2016. Women combatants and the liberation movements in South Africa: Guerrilla girls, combative mothers and the in-betweeners. In Gender, Peace and Security in Africa, edited by R. Sigsworth and C. Hendricks. New York: Routledge.
  • Jordaan, E. 2017. The emerging middle power concept: Time to say goodbye? South African Journal of International Affairs, 24(3): 395-412. Available here.
Other News
  • Honours student, Gcotyelwa Jimlongo, was recently awarded the ‘Best Honours Essay’ prize at the South African Association of Political Studies conference. More on this story here.
  • Dr Sally Matthews was awarded the 2017 Distinguished Researcher Award. More on this story here.

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