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Seminars & Events


The Department of Political and International Studies prides itself on holding events that are relevant and interesting to both the University and Grahamstown community at large. Ranging from annual Teach-in's to weekly Departmental seminars, the Department strives to provide a forum through which critical insights can be expressed.


The annual Politics Department teach-in has become a highlight of our calendar. Each year, often in collaboration with colleagues from a different discipline at Rhodes, the Department holds a week-long series of lectures that are open to members of the university as well as the wider community.
We try to choose as our subject-matter an issue which is of both intellectual interest and wider public concern. The teach-ins promote a number of educational values which are important to us. Among these are multidisciplinarity as an approach to understanding social and political problems and life-long learning : the idea that we are all students learning all the time, undergraduates, professors and members of the community engaged together in thinking about problems in the world around us. Our speakers are not only academics but also politicians, scientists, businesspeople. In this way we promote the idea of bringing the university to the community and the community to the university, finding ways in which we can have a conversation together rather than seeing the university as separate to, and isolated from, the world of business, politics or civil society.

Departmental Seminars

Every month members of the Rhodes community and the wider public are invited to attend our monthly lunchtime seminar programme. The seminars are an opportunity to listen to the latest research that is being conducted by our own academic staff, post-doctoral fellows and postgraduate researchers, as well as being an opportunity to engage work by invited guests, visiting professors and others. We encourage lively debate and critical commentary at our seminars. Everyone is welcome to participate, comment and present their work. Contact person: Richard Pithouse

Please sign up to our Google Group, upon which you will recieve regular email notification of forthcoming seminars and events that the Department hosts.

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Future Seminars:

To be announced. 

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