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The Honours degree consists of either five courses or four courses and a research essay of ten thousand words. The latter option may be exercised only on recommendation of the Head of Department. To be awarded an Honours degree, students must pass at least four out of the five courses taken and recieve an overall aggregated pass of at least 50%.

Entrance requirements

To be accepted into an Honours degree in the Department, students normally require a good second class pass in a bachelor's degree majoring in Political Studies or International Studies or, with the approval of the Head of Department, a good second class pass degree in a cognate discipline such as History, Sociology, Philosophy or Economics.

Honours and Masters Courses 2018

Unless you have permission to do a long paper, Honours students choose five courses from among the following options; Master's students choose three -- the remainder of the Master's degree consists of a thesis:

SEMESTER ONE                                                

Generating Qualitative Data                                                                                     
Lecturer: Prof. Louise Vincent

Understanding Domination                                                                                                       
Lecturer: Dr Tony Fluxman                                                            

South Africa, Africa and the Global Politics of Human Rights
Lecturer: Dr Eduard Jordaan

Introduction to African Feminist Theory        
Lecturer: Ms Shingi Mtero                   

Africa: Changing IR                                                                        
Lecturer: Ms Yvonne Phyllis***                                              

African Political Economy                              
Lecturer: Dr. Sally Matthews

Democratic Theory                              
Lecturer: Professor Alexius Amtaika

Religion and International Relations                             
Lecturer: Professor Muhammed Haron***


Qualitative Data Analysis                                                                                    
Lecturer: Prof. Louise Vincent

Critical and Non-Western IR Theory
Lecturer: Professor Ahmed Salem*

The Politics of Collective Action
Lecturer: Dr Tony Fluxman 

Peace and Conflict in Africa        
Lecturers: (Visitors course: AAA / PSH / KA)

Africa and the New Wars
Lecturer: Ms Shingi Mtero                               

Democracy and the Politics of the Internet     
Lecturer:  Dr Araba Sey**

The Politics of Social Policy & Labour
Lecturer: Prof. Robert Van Niekerk**

South African Liberation Theories
Lecturer: Mr. Thapelo Tselapedi

*Term 3 only

**Term 4 only

***Term 2 only

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