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Students may register for either a combined coursework and thesis Master's degree or a Master's degree by thesis only, as recommended by the Head of Department. The Master's by coursework and thesis consists of three approved postgraduate courses and a thesis of 15 000 to 25 000 words. The required thesis length for the Master's by thesis only is 30 000 to 50 000 words. 

Master's students are required to have a thesis proposal passed by the Humanities Higher Degrees Committee by the 30th of November of the year in which the degree is begun. Those who do not succeed in doing so may not be permitted to continue with the Master's degree. Thesis proposals must conform to the Higher Degrees Guide and must be submitted to the Higher Degrees Committee with the approval of the supervisor and the Head of Department. To be awarded the degree, coursework Master's student need to pass all three courses and well as the thesis. They may not repeat courses already passed at Honours level. Students pursuing a Master's degree by full thesis may be upgraded to a PhD on the recommendations of the supervisor and Head of Department and with the permission of Senate.

Entrance Requirments

To be accepted into a Master's degree in the Department students would normally require an Honours degree with at least a good second class pass in Political Studies or International Studies, or with the approval of the Head of Department, in a cognate discipline such as History, Sociology, Philosophy or Economics.

Interdisciplinary Honours Degrees

Approved courses in the Department of Political and International Studies may be taken in the Interdisciplinary Honours Programmes in Industrial Relations, Development Studies, Gender Studies and South African Cultural Studies.

Honours and Masters Courses 2017 

Unless you have permission to do a long paper, Honours students choose five courses from among the following options; Master's students choose three -- the remainder of the Master's degree consists of a thesis:

SEMESTER ONE                                                

Africa and the New Wars                                                   
Lecturer: Ms Siphokazi Magadla 

Brazilian CFP / Foreign Policy                                                                         
Lecturer: Prof. Maria Soares Lima / Prof. Paul Bischoff

The Politics of Capital in South Africa
Lecturer: Mr Wesley Seale

The Politics of Energy  
Lecturer: Mr James Danielsen                    

Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods                             
Lecturer: Prof. Louise Vincent / Chipo Munyuki                                                 

Africa: Changing IR                              
Lecturer: Prof. Paul Bischoff  

Africa since 1945                             
Lecturer: Dr. Etienne Lock


Community, Justice and Freedom
Lecturer: Dr Isaias Chachine

African Political Economy
Lecturer: Dr Sally Matthews

Peace and Conflict in Africa        
Lecturers: (Visitors course: AAA / PSH / EB)

African Women and African Politics
Lecturer: Ms Shingi Mtero*                                

Disability Politics      
Lecturer: Desire Chiwandire

South Africa's Contested New Order                              
Lecturer: Prof. Steven Friedman

The Politics of Social Policy & Labour
Lecturer: Prof. Robert Van Niekerk**

*Term 3 only

**Term 4 only

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