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Trollip 'should fill Mazibuko's shoes'

Date Released: Tue, 27 May 2014 09:01 +0200

A RESPECTED political commentator has warned the DA to think long and hard when it comes to replacing opposition parliamentary leader Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Could I Vote DA author Eusebius McKaiser told students and academics at the annual Rhodes University TeachIn on Friday that DA leader Helen Zille's support for her national spokesman Musi Mmaimane to fill the hot seat was misplaced.

"It is not a good idea. It is bad for democracy, it is bad for Musi Mmaimane and it is bad for the DA.

"It is not ideal to have a novice in parliament." Although he disagreed with Athol Trollip on a personal level, McKaiser said the veteran DA politician deserved to be parliamentary leader.

According to McKaiser, Mmaimane who was the DA candidate for Gauteng premier in the election - lacked any real political experience.

"Mmaimane has spent just one day in parliament, it does not make sense."

McKaiser said Mazibuko's shock decision after the recent national elections to take a year's break to study abroad at Harvard University had disrupted DA continuity in parliament.

Mmaimane recently accepted nomination for the position - which will be decided next week.

McKaiser warned Mmaimane's appointment would reduce the effectiveness of the opposition in parliament if he was elected. Instead, he advised the fast rising politician to build up his political CV before taking up the hot seat.

"I believe Musi Mmaimane is incredibly talented.

"He has a role to play in parliament but needs to slow down - he has not earned the entitlement."

McKaiser said if Mmaimane replaced Mazibuko he would "not get respect" from some senior parliamentarians who preferred to be led by someone with experience.

He said the issue around finding a replacement for Mazibuko was all about race.

"Helen Zille does not want a white person to be leader in parliament." He said if this was not the case senior DA politicians like Trollip or Dianne Kohler Barnard would be in with a shot.

"The DA is about to be hamstrung by race next week.

"Do they take experience or deliberately go with someone who has no experience?" He said the party had to create an atmosphere where the parliamentary leader was chosen regardless of race. — davidm@dispatch.co.za

By: David Macgregor

Article Source: Daily Dispatch

Source:Daily Dispatch