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The Information & Technology Services Division does not deal with the day-to-day support of the Student Network.  Requests for support and routine fault reports should be directed to the Student IT Help Desk, not the I&TS Division.

The following describes the escalation procedure for issues relating to the Student Network:

  1. All faults and complaints about the Student Network should be logged with the University's request tracking system and will be issued with a ticket number. The easiest way to do this is to e-mail the Student IT Help Desk.
  2. If, after a reasonable period of time (one week during term time, a week after the start of the next term during vacs) you haven't had a satisfactory response to your ticket, you may escalate it to the Student Network Co-ordinator. The Student Network Co-ordinator oversees the day-to-day operation of the Student Help Desk, and manages the Student Technicians. Details of how to do this are contained in the automatic response from the request tracking system.
  3. If, after a reasonable period of time you haven't had a satisfactory response from the Student Networking Co-ordinator you can escalate the matter to the Student Services Manager in the I&TS Division (middle floor of Struben Building, opposite Jacaranda labs). If you wish, you may ask your Student Networking house rep to contact the I&TS Division on your behalf. You should almost certainly do this if the issue in question relates to more than one person.

Note that you must have a ticket number from our tracking system in order to follow this procedure. Attempts to escalate without a ticket number will be referred back to step one.

As a general rule we prefer dealing with students, not their parents. Past experience shows that when parents get involved on their son or daughter's behalf we end up playing "broken telephone" whilst trying to obtain information or explain the situation. This inevitably means that the problem drags on significantly longer than it need do, and often leads to a less than satisfactory outcome. If you're a parent looking to help your son/daughter resolve a problem, please point them at this page and suggest that they follow the procedure outline above.

Please make sure that you have read the terms and conditions before escalating issues unnecessarily.

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