We currently collaborate with a range of national and international researchers.

BioBRU believes in strong collaborations and we are always interested in hearing from academics who wish to work with us. 


  • Dr Brendan Wilhelmi, Biochemistry and Microbiology
  • Prof Heinrich Hoppe, Biochemistry and Microbiology
  • Dr Dan Parker, Zoology
  • Prof Perry Kaye, Chemistry
  • Dr Rosa Klein, Chemistry
  • Dr David Khanye, Chemistry


  • Dr Musa Mhlanga, CSIR
  • Dr Janine Scholefield, CSIR
  • Prof Sharon Prince, UCT
  • Prof Denzil Beukes, UWC
  • Prof Addmore Shonhai, Biochemistry, University of Venda


  • Prof Didier Picard, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Prof William Cushley, University of Glasgow, UK
  • Prof AdrindamBhattayacharya, University of Calcutta, India
  • Prof Klaus Lingelbach and Dr Jude Pryzborski, University of Marburg, Germany
  • Prof Mike Cheetham, UCL, UK


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