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Edkins Research Group



Our group is studying the biochemistry and cell biology of the molecular chaperone, Hsp90, in cancer and stem cell biology. We use a range of biochemical (recombinant protein expression), molecular (quantitative RT-PCR, RNA interference) and cell biological (transfection, confocal microscopy and flow cytometry) techniques in order to elucidate the activity of Hsp90 and its co-chaperone, Hop, in specific cellular processes that underpin cancer and stem cell biology. In addition to our research on human chaperones, our research group is interested in comparative studies of Hsp90 complex from other organisms. These studies are interesting in that they may identify differences between the different systems that could be useful in understanding the species specific features of chaperones and may identify exploitable differences between the structure of the human and Hsp90 from other species to complement our studies to identify novel natural product inhibitors of Hsp90.

BioBRU members:


Principal Investigator

Prof. Adrienne Edkins


Laboratory Manager

Ms J. Kruger



Dr O. Akeredolu


PhD Students

Ms N. Boël

Ms A. Chakraborty

Mr A. Chakraborty

Ms L.M.K. Dingle

Ms D.I. Kajewole

Mr D. Laming

Ms S. Maharaj

Ms P.M. Maumela

Mrs O. Oladipo

Ms R. Thornton

Mr W. Samson

Ms B. Twala

Ms M. Vaaltyn


MSc Students

Ms L. Flax

Mr N. Hölm

Mr R. Rousseau

Ms K. Schwarz

Mr J.E. Sheldon


Hons Students

Ms E. Kirigin

Mr D. Ruck

Ms S. Wilmot

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