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Goverance Structure

Board of Management

 The University has six faculties, namely Commerce, Education, Humanities, Law, Pharmacy and Science, each headed by an Academic Dean. There is one other Dean, namely Teaching and Learning.

 The Faculty of Commerce has five academic departments, namely, Accounting, Economics, Information Systems, Management and the Rhodes Business School.

 The Director of the Business School reports to the Dean, Faculty of Commerce and is accountable to a Board of Management (BOM).

 The latter comprises of

  • The Dean (who is also the Chairman of the BOM),
  • All the Heads of the respective Academic Departments within the Faculty of Commerce
  • The University’s Director: Communications & Advancement 
  • The Director: Institutional,Research, Planning & Quality Promotion

 The BoM meets twice a year.

 Committees that Contribute to Governance and Quality Control

 For all academic programmes (new degrees/diplomas; course content; duration; registration/admission; student progress), the Business School is accountable to the Faculty Board, chaired by the Dean, Faculty of Commerce.

 For approval on research (MBA students are required to submit a research paper in partial fulfilment of the degree) the Business School is accountable to the Higher Degrees Committee of the Faculty of Commerce.

 The Business School also interacts very closely with the University’s Centre for Higher Education, Research, Teaching and Learning (CHERTL).

 Insofar as approval for short courses is concerned (irrespective of whether they are a Letter of Attendance or a Certificate of Competence), the Business School requires the approval of the Institutional Planning Committee (IPC), which is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. Consequently, the Business School interacts with the Institutional Planning Unit, which is responsible for coordinating the following specific activities:

  • Institutional Planning Committee
  • Annually revised Institutional Development Plan
  • Preparing the University for national and international audits
  • Programme Accreditation
  • Student Enrolment plans
  • Regular academic reviews  and administrative reviews
  • Preparation of the annual Statistical Digest
  • New course/qualification proposals
  • Short course accreditation and management
  • Inter-institutional cooperation and collaboration

 Board of Advisors

  • Dr Millard Arnold (Chair)
  • Prof Owen Skae (Director)
  • Mr Bruce Howard
  • Prof Lynette Louw
  • Mr Cedric Tyler
  • Ms Lesego Sennelo
  • Mr Leon Soko

The Board of Advisors meet twice a year.


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