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Strategic Intent

Our Vision

To transform business for a sustainable world

Our Mission/Purpose

To educate and influence responsible business practice, responsibly

Our Values

Professionalism & Excellence (Operate)

Integrity & Respect


Quality & Innovation


Diversity & Equity


Knowledge advancement & Service


Our Aim

Is to produce integrated and holistic thinkers, who are able to:

  • Critically understand equitable, ethical, economic and ecological imperatives for a world that is consuming resources faster than it can replenish them
  • Responsibly lead and manage organizations that understand and act upon the needs, interests and expectations of stakeholders
  • Make the business and moral case for sustainability
  • Enhance the pursuit of responsible management practices and functions

How we do this

We commit to engage around the above philosophies and practices of leadership and management through:

  • Innovative, intimate and integrated teaching and learning
  • Ongoing, informed and progressive research
  • Critical thought
  • Active engagement with our community of stakeholders
  • Operating sustainably

Our Goals

Develop and deliver relevant and authentic programme offerings that embrace our integrated teaching, learning and research (TLR), (4E: Economy, Ethics, Ecology and Equity) philosophy

Consistently improve our internal sustainability

Undertake meaningful and authentic engagement with our community of stakeholders


Our Objectives Under each Goal

  • Teaching syllabus, modes and methods are innovative and distinctive in positioning us as an intimate, collegial and scholarly Business School
  • To be a research informed school


  • Practice what we preach (Ethics and Ecology)
  • Economic sustainability (Economic)
  • Staffing requirements consistent with achieving growth trajectory (Equity)
  • Governance structures adhered to and developed for strategic purposes
  • Raise the profile of school
  • Alumni engagement
  • Community engagement initiatives contribute to sustainable business practices



Strategies and Actions

Detailed strategies and actions have been identified on a quarterly basis for our next three years of operations. 

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