Duncan Githiri

Duncan Githiri

Financial Director | Aline Pilots Association of South Africa | South Africa

Pilot (Senior First Officer) | South African Airways| South Africa

My MBA Experience

I had an amazing experience during my studies. The course coordinator Prof Noel Pearce was fantastic in making sure the course was coordinated in a professional manner and his knowledge in all matters make him an invaluable asset to Rhodes.

All the business school lectures were very professional and served Rhodes University with distinction. Prof Matthew Lester in particular, was instrumental in my personal growth regarding fiduciary responsibility and ethics which ironically is a subject of concern that is very prominent in SA today. His near religious commitment to his work was and still is an inspiration of what you can achieve when you enjoy your work.

I will always hold Prof Owen Skae in high regard as the Director of the business school and on a more personal level, my research supervisor. The Prof offered me the platform to express my view without fear during his lectures and we had very good and productive debates due to his willingness to listen to contrarian points of view. This quality of humility is as rear as a unicorn in today’s society. As my supervisor, he was very clear and direct as to the issues regarding my dissertation which made our working relationship very easy. I will forever be grateful to Professor Owen for if it were not for him and his staff I would not have the life changing experience that was my MBA and Rhodes Business School.  

What the MBA has done for me

My motivation to study the MBA was for self-improvement which I have more than done. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity for personal growth. The Rhodes Business School has been instrumental in my personal growth.

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