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Purpose & Mission

The RBS Alumni Association supports the RBS essence of “Leadership for Sustainability”. It shares the RBS vision to "Transform business for a sustainable world" as well as the mission to "Educate and influence responsible business practice, responsibly". The Alumni Association along with the RBS believe that business has the greatest potential to change the world for the well-being of current and future generations. 

The aim of the Alumni Association is to continue the excellent education that began at RBS to produce integrated and holistic thinkers, who are able to:

  • Critically understand equitable, ethical, economic and ecological imperatives for a world that is consuming resources faster than it can replenish them
  • Responsibly lead and manage organizations that understand and act upon the needs, interests and expectations of stakeholders
  • Make the business and moral case for sustainability
  • Enhance the pursuit of responsible management practices and functions 

The Rhodes Business School Alumni Association supports the university's mission by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and the alumni community. To this end, the Alumni Association will foster pride, loyalty, and a life-long connection to Rhodes Business School among alumni by

  • Partnering with the university regarding opportunities to engage and connect with alumni and to assist with the promotion and coordination of such programs and events; 
  • Encouraging alumni to contribute their time, talent, and financial support to Rhodes Business School 
  • Communicating needs and news, and celebrating the innovative accomplishments of Rhodes Business School and its alumni; and 
  • Providing and promoting opportunities for volunteer engagement, professional association and career development, leadership, and fellowship among alumni i.e. Create a culture of value creation within the networks formed and built by RBS alumni.
  • Create an online platform (like a social network) exclusively for RBS alumni as a way for people to keep up with each other’s activities, celebrate achievements and contribute to common projects/causes

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