Mrs Carol Cuthbert

Hons Industrial Sociology (University of Pretoria), Advanced Certificate in Information Systems Management (University of Pretoria), MBA (Rhodes Business School)

Prior to joining Rhodes Business School, Carol Cuthbert worked for Rhodes University implementing systems as a Business Process Specialist.  She also has twenty years legal systems implementation experience and founded Kestrel Business Solutions, a Legal Practice Management systems services company, serving the UK legal market since 1996.

Her experience in both Practice Management and Dealer Management systems ensures understanding of recording, billing accounting, management accounting, human resources and payroll processes.  She has been part of seventeen legal system implementations in the United Kingdom. 

Carol brings a wealth of analytics and business process experience, and teaches Business Modelling, Business Analysis, and Business Analytics.  Her technology background stands her in good stead in driving the Business Analysis programmes online.  

Carol is the programme coordinator for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analysis. 

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