Step 1

Firstly, all prospective MBA students should perform initial registration online at Here you will receive a unique application reference number which will be requested on the next step.

Step 2

In order to evaluate the application, applicants are directed to complete the linked Google Form below: 

MBA Applications Google Form 

You should have the following documents on hand as they will be required for upload as you proceed with the application. 

  • Rhodes reference number (obtained from the initial registration process) on ROSS
  • A completed MBA Application Form
  • NMAT or GMAT confirmation 
  • Certified copies of academic transcript(s)
  • Certified copies of degree certificates
  • Certified copy of ID
  • SAQA’s Certificate of Evaluation (if the qualification is obtained outside of South Africa).

Step 3

Following completion of the Google Form, applications will be evaluated & prospective students will be provided with details to complete the Rhodes application process.

Admission Tests

  • NMAT by GMAC

Learn more about the NMAT Test and register

  • Graduate Admissions Test (GMAT)

Learn more about the GMAT Test and register


The course fee for 2024 will be confirmed by the University Council in November 2023. For now, students may budget as follows:

Part-time Students

2024: R100,000

2025: R107,000

International students are required to pay the yearly fee in full prior to registration.

[Note for international students, the fee will be converted to US Dollars at the prevailing rate of exchange at the date of registration. At 15th April 2023, the Rand/US Dollar Exchange rate was approximately R18.20 = US$1. Hence the 2024 YEARLY fee, if paid on that date would have been US$5,500. The Rand is a very volatile currency and hence it could strengthen or weaken against the US$. If by the time of registration it has strengthened to R15=US$1, the 2024 yearly fee will be $6,667. If it weakens to R20=US$1, the 2024 yearly fee will be $5,000].

This covers tuition, course material, prescribed books and examination fees. In addition to this, you will have to bear the cost of transport to and from Makhanda, your accommodation for the duration of the teaching block as well as subsistence for the time you are in Makhanda.

Accomodation in Makhanda, can vary from R700 to R1,200 per night, depending on the establishment. 

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