The Rhodes Business School’s s essence is “Leadership for a Sustainability” and hence leadership and sustainability principles underline all subjects in the curriculum. Emphasis is placed on business continuity, as well as achieving a balance between economic, social and environmental sustainability. The School applies its own unique 4E (Economy, Ethics, Ecology and Equity) model in its teaching and learning practice.

Normally candidates will only be admitted to the program if they hold at least an NQF Exit Level 8 qualification (i.e. a Bachelor Honours degree, Postgraduate Diploma,  or four-year Bachelor degree) in any discipline, are proficient in English and have at least three years relevant practical experience.  All applicants are required to sit the NMAT by GMACTM Admission Test, or GMAT if the NMAT is not available in their country pf residence. Furthermore, those applicants for whom English is a foreign language are required to sit an appropriate English language test.

The coursework component comprises a number of modules, core and elective, which are assessed by a mixture of assignments, tests and/or examinations, which together count 67% of the degree.  Each module comprising the coursework component of the degree must be passed. The research mini-thesis component, which counts 33% of the degree must be passed.


Applicants should normally:

  • have an NQF8 or equivalent qualification. This is an honours degree (e.g.  BCom(Hons) or BSc (Hons)), a Postgraduate Diploma (e.g. Certificate in the Theory of Accounting or Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management) or
  • a FOUR year bachelor’s degree (e.g. B Bus Sci or B Eng).
  • all applicants are required to sit the NMAT test 
  • have a minimum of three year's full-time relevant practical business and/or organisational experience.
  • be proficient in English
  • have obtained a pass in Mathematics in Senior Certificate examination or equivalent

You do not need a first degree in business, accounting or economics in order to apply. We welcome applications from graduates in any field (e.g. engineering, arts, science, law etc.)



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