PGDip Enterprise Management Part Time Overview

Calling all Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs

The Part-time Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management (PGDip EM PT) is a two year programme run within the Rhodes Business School starting in January each year and ending in December the following year. Students can, if they have the desire and capacity, accelerate the programme to complete it in one year.

The PGDIP EM PT is designed to meet the needs of graduates in full-time employment from a wide range of job functions who wish to:

Develop their entrepreneurship skills within their organisation;

  • Develop an intrapreneurial approach to business;
  • Enhance their general management ability; and
  • Deepen and update their business knowledge, understanding and practice.

The PGDIP EM PT is an Honours level equivalent, NQF Level 8 qualification.

We are confident that it will prove a great asset to companies who recognise its merits as an internal company development qualification that you can use on your scorecards.

The course fees for 2023 is R47 513 which will include all course works, readings, books and lectures. Note: you will need to bring your own laptop or tablet device for course notes and assignments.

The PGDIP EM PT serves as a precursor qualification for those wanting to pursue an MBA.

In addition, successful students will also gain three module credits towards their MBA at Rhodes. 

From 2016, the Department of Higher Education’s regulations require an NQF Level 8 qualification or an appropriate four-year degree or postgraduate qualification for any student wanting to enroll in an MBA programme (NQF Level 9) at any business education institution in South Africa.


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