*Applications for 2023 are now closed as our research supervision limit has been reached.*

Initial enquiry: Enquiries related to PhD studies can be sent to Please write “PhD enquiry” in the subject heading of the email and attach a copy of your curriculum vitae. In the body of the email, please provide the following information:

  • Name:
  • Highest qualification and name of institution:
  • Academic performance: Aggregate mark achieved for the Master’s degree:
  • Proposed topic:
  • Research capability: A description of your research performance and output.
  • Access to data: Describe the potential site for conducting field work.
  • Self-Funding: Confirm that you are able to fund your own studies.


Upon receiving your enquiry, the School will first consider if we are able to supervise the research and if you are eligible as a PhD candidate. That is, the School first reviews its capacity to take on extra supervision, and the alignment of the research topic with the research interests of the School.  Thereafter, the eligibility of the applicant is reviewed. A member of the Rhodes Business School faculty will then respond to your email, either advising you that (1) you are ineligible for the PhD programme, (2) that we are unable to consider your application at this stage, or (3) putting you in touch with a prospective supervisor.

Formal Application: Once the prospective supervisor is satisfied that s/he is ready to take on the supervision of the applicant and that a topic has been identified that is appropriate at a PhD level, a formal application to the university can be made.

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