Prof. Julie Coetzee

Aquatic Weeds Programme Manager

Julie profile

Julie completed her PhD at the University of the Witswatersrand in 2003. Currently her research focuses on the biological control of invasive aquatic plants. She started working on biological control agents of water hyacinth in 1998, and has never looked back. Recently she has shifted the focus of her work on floating aquatic plants to submerged and emergent aquatic plants. As we have gained excellent control of the floating species, this new suite of species has taken advantage of these new habitats, threatening indigenous aquatic flora and fauna. Tackling these new problem plants is a challenge, but we will benefit from experience gained elsewhere in controlling these species, as well as pioneering new methods of control for South Africa.

Julie is the President of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa -

Research interests

  • Biological control of weeds
  • Plant-insect interactions
  • Invasion biology
  • Insect thermal ecology
  • Aquatic plant ecology
  • Biostatistics

Recent Publications

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