This is a fully accredited Rhodes University Short Course, and is comprised of multiple learning modules. We host the course on demand at Rhodes University over the duration of three full days. Lectures and classwork, given by top scientists in the field, provide the course research framework and are followed by multiple fieldtrips for hands-on learning. Participants will also complete original projects designed to answer specific biological control research questions and complete a project write-up.

Topics Include (we can also tailor make a course for an organisation):

  • Weed Ecology - What makes a weed?
  • Weed identification
  • Introduction to Biological Control
  • Biological Control Regulations
  • Agent Biology 
  • Host Specificity
  • Mass-rearing biological control agents
  • Agent Release Techniques
  • Post-Release Evaluations
  • Integrated Control
  • Basic and Introductory Statistics

 Dr Grant Martin giving a presentation during the 2016 Weeds Short Course

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