Potential agents

The following species are the potential biological control agents that have been identified from this research programme


 Target species

 Mode of action

 Cleta eckloni (Mulsant, 1850)

 Lycium ferocissimum

 Adults and larvae scrape off leaf epidermis   resulting in loss of photosynthetic tissue

 Cassida distinguenda (Spaeth, 1928)

 Lycium ferocissimum

 Adults and larvae chew on leaves resulting in   loss of leaves

 Neoplatygaster   serietuberculata   (Gyllenhal, 1837)

 Lycium ferocissimum

 Larvae mine inside leaves, while adults create   shot holes on leaves

 Puccinia rapipes

 Lycium ferocissimum

 Hyphae grow intercellularly, absorb nutrients   and cause chlorosis (yellowing of the leaves)


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